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We are Fully Licenced so you can enjoy wines by the glass or bottle and pick from our selection of this regions amazing bottled beers, ciders and Perry’s with draught beer often available…



TOAST (2 slices) with butter/jam or marmalade

Peter Cooks Sourdough/Ledbury/Malthouse 2.95 Bakers dozen Sliced Farmhouse, Granary/White 2.00

Homemade GRANOLA 4.95 served with fruit and yogurt

PORRIDGE 4.95 with fruit and honey or jam


FREE RANGE CALEB HENS EGGS cooked to order as you like them…

POACHED, SCRAMBLED or FRIED 5.25 on or with hot buttered Farmhouse toast- Artisan+.95

TROOPERS 4.95 Classic Boiled Eggs (2) and Soldiers (V)


Double egg OMELETTE 4.45 Delicious plain omlettes made to order, customised just for you by adding:

Grilled Prosciutto or Smoked Salmon 3.00 each

Mushrooms, roasted Tomatoes, nestSalads, grilled Halloumi 2.00 each

Baked Beans, 1.50 each

Extra Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Spinach, 1.00 each

Toast: farmhouse 1.00 Artisan 1.50


GREEN EGGS & HAM 6.95 Scrambled eggs with spinach served over ham on toast

EGGYBREAD 4.95 aka French toast – savoury with tiggs sauces or sweet with cinnamon sugar and cream

MUSHROOMS on toast 5.95


NEST ‘Bacon’ BUTTY 5.95

Grilled Prosciutto, Lettuce & Tiggs Sauce in a Ciabatta roll alternatively made with sliced farmhouse bread 4.95


WEEKEND Guest Stars

Eggs BENEDICT (Prosciutto Ham)) 7.25

Eggs ROYALE (Smoked Salmon) 7.50

Eggs FLORENTINE (Buttery Spinach) (V) 6.95

All on Peter Cooks English muffins with homemade hollandaise



Made Fresh or Toasted to order Artisan breads 5.95 traditional Farmhouse 4.95

Sliced Gluten Free bread usually available

ADD nest Salads 2.00


NIMROD– Cheese & Onion (V)

TALLY– Goats Cheese & Sundried Tomato (V)

BBC– grilled Bacon (prosciutto), Brie and Cranberry

CONOLLY– Cheese & Ham

RUMPOLE– Cheese & Tomato (V)

KIRK- OPEN sandwich with nest hummus, grilled veg, smoked tomato jam

BERTIE – Charcutterie and Cheese +1.00

BRANSFORD- Smoked Chicken, Grilled prosciutto, leaves & sauce +1.00



Featuring the Handmade Scotch Egg Company(V)(GF)

Pick your Scotch Egg from our unrivalled(usually!) selection in the deli counter and let us know how you would like it served

the HEREFORDSHIRE app  7.95

Quartered and served with awesome nest salads


Sliced, drizzled, grilled and served with the nest salads


Quartered and served with nest apple chutney or Hellmans


SHARING PLATES (V) Vegetarian only selection by request

Mouth-watering treats from our regions finest producers including Cheeses, Dried, Smoked & Cured Meats and Fish,

Sauces, Chutneys, Olives, Breads, Biscuits and of course HMSE produce all served with the nests’ renowned passion and flair

Deli Tapas (for two) 18.95  for one 9.95

Egg-ceptional Tapas (for two) 12.00

A selection of our flagship products accompanied with leaves chutney and sauces



aka Sausage rolls served Hot or Cold with nest salads

OR as they come with nest chutney or Hellmans 3.25



Two lightly poached free range eggs on grilled prosciutto with mixed leaves on hot buttered toast

Gluten free version available



Traditional rarebit, Buck rarebit with a poached egg on top


QUICHES served Hot or Cold with nest salads 7.95

Deep and generously filled, made with free-range eggs and minimal pastry- (V)options

FAIRY FRITTATA 5.25 Two dainty pastry free quiches


SOUP of the Day!  5.95

Varying home made recipes served hot with a hunk of bread



Classic and contemporary salads, generous and bursting with flavour, made to order headlining our amazing producer friends

Smoked Salmon (GF) 8.25

Smoked Chicken (GF) 8.25

Prosciutto Ham (GF) 7.95

Local Cheeses (GF) 7.95(V)options

Charcutterie 8.25


CHEESE on toast… your way 4.95, ADD Salads 2.00

Pick your Cheese   Goats/Cheddar/Brie/Blue/Smoked/Halloumi

Pick your Chutney  Apple/ Smoked Tomato/Red Onion

Pick your Bread      White/Granary/Sourdough/Farmhouse



VEGETABLE STICKS & DIP/HUMMUS 2.25 Crunchy fresh carrots, cucumber…

ON TOAST 2.25 Cheese or Beans or Egg

SANDWICHES 2.50 Chocolate Spread or Jam or Peanut butter or Cheese or Ham…

ADD Tomato, Cucumber, Beans, Ham, Egg, Cheese 50p each

ICE CREAM tub 2.50 APPLE 25p BANANA 30p

Child’s Milk Shake / Hot Choc / Babyccino 2.50



Fairtrade Organic Java Bean Coffee- A high quality coffee from the Indonesian Archipelago.

Rich, indulgent and full bodied with notes of peach syrup and spices with subtle acidity and intense dark chocolate finish

Espresso 2.00, Doppio  2.20

Americano 2.25

Café Latte 2.45

Cappuccino  2.60

Flat White, Hot Chocolate 2.80

Mocha 3.00

Affogato 3.95

Lush Latte 3.50

whipped cream with Vanilla, Caramel or Gingerbread

Luxury Hot Chocolate 3.50

with cream and marshmallows or caramel and cream

TEA 2.00

Trumpers loose teas: English Breakfast – Rooibos

Birchall Tea bags: Everyday Tea – Organic Decaf

Peppermint – Red Fruits – Black Currant

Tea Birds: Chamomile – Lemon & Ginger

Apple Juice  2.10/4.00

Fresh Milk 1.10

SanPellegrino cans 1.35

Fentimans botanicals 2.35

Still or Sparkling Water 1.75/3.75

Local Fruit presses from £2.65

Ice Cream Milk Shakes 2.95



Peter Cooks Tea Cakes 2.25

Hedonist Croissant, Pain au Chocolat 2.25 …..with jam & butter 2.50

Penny’s Carrot Cake, Nest Brownies, Bakes & FlapJacks

Amazing Sponges and all manner of exciting Guest Cakes from 2.75

ADD Kelsmor ice cream tubs 2.50



The whole team is  really proud of all the dishes on today’s menu, however if all our hard work is not enough we will try our best to help, please bare with as there will undoubtedly be a delay in preparing your order…

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