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Clare & Alex August 10th 2019

THE NEST IS THE BEST! On the 10th August we had our wedding there in the Yurt and the grounds of the Nest. What can I say, if you are looking for FUN, FRIENDLY, FANTASTIC, FAIR venue do not hesitate! I never wanted a standard wedding package and here you are really free to make it yours. It was a pleasure to work with Neil and Penny and we would do it all again Tomorrow if we could! All the team were amazing! And Bertie running the bar! Could not recommend them enough, we worked together and they help create your day, your dream and really put your visions into reality the way you want it! They also made our cake which was simply the best ever! (Thank you Jen and Penny).Look forward to visiting again soon HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Have quick tour courtesy of the hugely talented @mitchellclulow who joined us for WEDnest back in april 2019.. hense the wintery feel!  WEDnest19


fun, unique & personal weddings

rustic, boho, quirky, stylish, vintage… we love all things wedding

from intimate weddings for up to 40 guests in the nestingbox to theHenry, our magnificent yurt for 100/150 – we are here to help




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  • We are planning a wedding for 80 and are interested in your venue. Our daughter’s wedding will be 18 May 2019. Is your venue available? If so can you please send me contact details? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Susan,

      We have had some issues with our website and while trying to resolve them noticed your message, if you would like any further information please contact us through the email Apologies if this has come a bit too late but we have only just discovered the original note, may 18 2019 is available if you are still interested.

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